Secret Mischief

The Story

The town of Ormskirk is full of eccentricities but, as Titus Cragg discovers, the shooting of a local farmer is hardly a joke. The crime leads to a series of further deaths, each of which they trace back to a compact made by a group of young people twenty years earlier, with sinister consequences for all involved. Between them Cragg and Fidelis must unravel this tangled thread and follow it as far as Lancaster Castle and the summer assizes, where a young girl will be on trial for her life and, if found guilty, at risk of death by judicial burning at the stake.  

Secret Mischief is a story of light and of darkness. The vivid, raucous texture of eighteeenth century Lancashire, full of humour, bizarre characters and unexpected reversals, covers a sinister plot of greed and unscrupulous murder. Titus Cragg and Luke Fidelis must be at their alert best if the villains are to be unmasked, and justice finally done.

Published by Severn House Publishers Ltd (ISBN-13 978-0727890702) Secret Mischief is issued in hardback in the UK on 26 February 2021 and in the USA on 4 May  2021. It is available as an e-book in all territories from 1 April 2021.   

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